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Our Services

Access Granted will decrease the frequent placement turnover and enhance the overall well-being of the children that it serves throughout the provision of the following services:

Psychosocial Stabilization
  • Crisis Intervention

  • Counseling services 

  • Individualized living and case management planning

  • Access (safe) housing and support for victims of Human Trafficking

  • Self-awareness and individuality training

  • Incorporation independence and sense of community

  • Individual and group therapy services

  • Family resource assessment and training

Leadership and Life Skills
  • Etiquette

  • Next Steps assessment

  • Micro-Community enhanced living environment

  • Competitive Edge (Cheer, Football, Chess Club, etc.)

  • Entrepreneurship Training

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Budgeting and Money Management (i.e. filing taxes, paying bills, paying interest, etc.)

  • Daily living skills

  • Communication skills

  • Relationship building

  • Anger management

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Academic Success
  • Cognitive measurements, achievement testing, mental health status and intelligence assessments

  • Homeschool through Florida Virtual School

  • Parent-child advocacy through collaborating with school officials and instructors to ensure academic plans are designed to meet the needs of the child including establishment of IEP and BMP plans

  • Learner driven Project Based Learning (PBL) activities

  • Tutors to assist with academic success

  • Student field trips to reinforce course curriculum

  • SAT/ACT Prep Services

  • College readiness and career counseling

  • GED Prep

Physical and Spiritual Health and Wellness
  • Medication management

  • Spiritual growth/awareness

  • Team based nutrition planning

  • Self Esteem Building through sports and extracurricular team activities

  • Relaxation and fitness clinics with incorporation of Yoga

  • Girl Talk Empowerment Program

  • Mental toolbox: Skills to overcome destructive decisions and actions

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All services provided are in English at this time. We are currently working on enhancing our services to support Spanish speaking residents. We have a bi-lingual Administrative assistant that will provide support to any emergency placements if needed.

Psychosocial Stabilization
Leadership and Life Skills
Academic Success
Physical and Spiritual Health and Wellness

Who We Serve

Who We Serve

Access Granted Now admits girls ages of 12 through 17 who are either dependent or delinquent but are capable of functioning in an open community setting. Each client is evaluated individually to determine whether our program meets her needs. Clients must be able to attend community schools or Florida Virtual School. Our current home is equipped to care for up to six (6) girls.

Many of the girls that we serve present bearing the emotional and mental burden of being rejected throughout their lives. Some of them may come from homes where families can no longer control them and are fearful for their future while others present from abusive environments. We are committed to serving these children and facilitating all of the support needed to stabilize and help them return to their homes and communities to make meaningful contributions. We focus on those girls that require a more structured environment to help guide them through the severe behavioral and social-emotional issues related to a variety of disorders or the result of life experiences.​

Program Outcomes and Benefits

Program Outcomes and Benefits

Understanding some of the challenges that our children will present with, we define successful engagement in the program to be based upon each individual's needs and goals as outlined for each of them upon entry. In addition, we measure successful engagement in our program by looking at our overall Program Performance Outcomes and quality measures which are quantified through assessing the following on a quarterly and annual basis:

Performance Outcome

Decreased Recidivism Rate

Placement Stability

School Enrollment/Attendance

Graduation Rate

75% Decrease in repeated offenses as identified prior to entry into the program.

85% Retention of all residents based upon goals established and decreased run rate as applicable.

Workforce Readiness

Restoration of Family Relationships

100% enrollment/attendance in a local school or Florida Virtual Online School.

100% Completion of high school diploma or equivalent, i.e. GED.

100% Completion of workforce readiness training and a minimum of 50% of those eligible to successfully obtain employment.

85% of all eligible children able to be restored to their families.

Access Granted will decrease frequent placement turnover and enhance the overall well-being of the children that it serves while meeting program outcomes through the provision of the follow four core service areas:

Psychosocial Stabilization

Academic Success

Leadership and Life Skills

Physical and Spiritual Health and Wellness

Measuring progress

Measuring Progress

Access Granted will use the Ansell-Casey Assessment Tool to measure the progress of all residents.

Domino Effect

Domino Effect

The domino effect  is a chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby, which then will cause another similar change, and so on in linear sequence. We will prepare our youth and enable them to empower their peers. Through teaching our youth life skills and leadership skills, we will not only be empowering youth, but giving youth the tools to empower others.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

While residing in the home, each resident will be challenged to exercise leadership abilities. We will engage the youth in leadership activities to help develop their leadership abilities and increase confidence.



Each resident will have an opportunity to be connected with a mentor based on interest and compatibility. All volunteer mentors will be trained and equipped to challenge the young ladies in their morals and values, in addition to providing encouragement and guidance.



Access granted Now will seek partnership and financial support to provide all residents aging out that will be pursuing higher education with a scholarship. We will also educate our residents on other scholarship opportunities available.

Aging Out Case Management

Aging Out Case Management

Upon aging out of custody, all residents will be assisted with obtaining housing, employment, higher education, and any other services the youth may need at the time of transition.

Spiritual Awareness

Spiritual Awareness

The program will provide and encourage all residents to participate in a faith-based activity or other spiritual activities, community partnerships, girls and boys clubs, etc. based on their needs. As a faith based organization we believe that providing Christian and other spiritual opportunities for the youth is vital in treating the whole person.

The residents here at AGN will be provided with opportunities to attend services of their choice based upon their personal beliefs. While many of the  values that we hold at Access Granted Now are based on a Christian foundation, we do not hold the residents to having Christianity be their only option and respect the individual values of each of the clients served.

Individual Group Therapy

Individual and Group Therapy

We will contract with community agencies to provide therapy for all residents based on Individual Plans. In addition, children will participate in group therapy sessions specific to their individual needs and to encourage peer social growth.



In order to provide stability, when possible, we ensure that residents remain at the school they attend upon admission into the home. This may include online school, home-schooling, or transportation to and from school. Those who may have disciplinary or other issues may be placed in an alternative program which allows youth a variety of ways to obtain their diploma, in addition to providing tutoring services and test preparation.

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