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Our Mission 

At Access Granted Now, we are driven by a powerful mission: to transform the lives of youth and foster healthier communities through the delivery of exceptional programs tailored to the unique emotional, social, spiritual, and educational needs of each child. With unwavering dedication, we strive to create lifelong partnerships that empower young individuals to reach their full potential.

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Access Granted Now challenges the impact that external factors such as human trafficking and, or self-destructive activities have on our youth by offering a supportive family environment. With a strong team of therapists, community affiliates, educators, and administrators, Access granted Now strives to eliminate negative and destructive environments through education, self-management, interpersonal skill building, and interaction with a variety of mentors and positive role models. Our programs promote ideals such as graduating from high school, entrepreneurship or pursing a college degree, and becoming a contributing member of society.

Meet the Team

We Are AGN.

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