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Access Granted will use the Ansell-Casey Assessment Tool to measure the progress of all residents.
Students in Cafeteria

Domino Effect

The domino effect  is a chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby, which then will cause another similar change, and so on in linear sequence. We will prepare our youth and enable them to empower their peers. Through teaching our youth life skills and leadership skills, we will not only be empowering youth, but giving youth the tools to empower others.

Leadership Training

While residing in the home, each resident will be challenged to exercise leadership abilities. We will engage the youth in leadership activities to help develop their leadership abilities and increase confidence.

Conference Break Time
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Each resident will have an opportunity to be connected with a mentor based on interest and compatibility. All volunteer mentors will be trained and equipped to challenge the young ladies in their morals and values, in addition to providing encouragement and guidance.


Access granted Now will seek partnership and financial support to provide all residents aging out that will be pursuing higher education with a scholarship. We will also educate our residents on other scholarship opportunities available.

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Young Women with Backpacks

Aging Out Case Management

Upon aging out of custody, all residents will be assisted with obtaining housing, employment, higher education, and any other services the youth may need at the time of transition.

Spiritual Awareness

The program will provide and encourage all residents to participate in a faith-based activity or other spiritual activities, community partnerships, girls and boys clubs, etc. based on their needs. As a faith based organization we believe that providing Christian and other spiritual opportunities for the youth is vital in treating the whole person.

The residents here at AGN will be provided with opportunities to attend services of their choice based upon their personal beliefs. While many of the  values that we hold at Access Granted Now are based on a Christian foundation, we do not hold the residents to having Christianity be their only option and respect the individual values of each of the clients served.

Yoga Class

Individual Group Therapy

We will contract with community agencies to provide therapy for all residents based on Individual Plans. In addition, children will participate in group therapy sessions specific to their individual needs and to encourage peer social growth.


In order to provide stability, when possible, we ensure that residents remain at the school they attend upon admission into the home. This may include online school, home-schooling, or transportation to and from school. Those who may have disciplinary or other issues may be placed in an alternative program which allows youth a variety of ways to obtain their diploma, in addition to providing tutoring services and test preparation.

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