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Access Granted Now admits girls ages of 12 through 17 who are either dependent or delinquent but are capable of functioning in an open community setting. Each client is evaluated individually to determine whether our program meets her needs. Clients must be able to attend community schools or Florida Virtual School. Our current home is equipped to care for up to six (6) girls.

Many of the girls that we serve present bearing the emotional and mental burden of being rejected throughout their lives. Some of them may come from homes where families can no longer control them and are fearful for their future while others present from abusive environments. We are committed to serving these children and facilitating all of the support needed to stabilize and help them return to their homes and communities to make meaningful contributions. We focus on those girls that require a more structured environment to help guide them through the severe behavioral and social-emotional issues related to a variety of disorders or the result of life experiences.​


Understanding some of the challenges that our children will present with, we define successful engagement in the program to be based upon each individual's needs and goals as outlined for each of them upon entry. In addition, we measure successful engagement in our program by looking at our overall Program Performance Outcomes and quality measures which are quantified through assessing the following on a quarterly and annual basis:

Academic Success

We strive for 100% Completion of High School Diploma or equivalent, i.e. GED.

We provide individual and group therapy sessions as well as self-awareness and individuality training.


We engage the youth in leadership activities to help develop their leadership abilities and increase confidence.

Spiritual Wellness

As a faith based organization, we believe that providing Christian and other spiritual opportunities for the youth is vital.

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